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Insurance Payment to Physicians by Credit Cards

Some small secondary market insurance companies are making “expedited payments” to physicians or physician groups via an EOB with a MasterCard or other credit card number on it. Rather than negotiating a check, the Practice is then forced to run the reimbursable amount as a credit transaction, which costs them substantial transaction fees . This […]

How ACA is Impacting Physicians


Law Links

Federal Agencies Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – https://www.cms.gov/ CMS/Conditions of Participation for Hospitals (CoPs) – https://www.cms.gov/CFCsAndCoPs/06_Hospitals.asp CMS/EMTALA – https://www.cms.gov/EMTALA/ CMS/Medicare Learning Network (MLN) – https://www.cms.gov/MLNgeninfo/ CMS Regulations and Guidance – https://www.cms.gov/home/regsguidance.asp CMS/Stark – https://www.cms.gov/physicianselfreferral/ CMS/Survey & Certification Information – https://www.cms.gov/SurveyCertificationGenInfo/PMSR/list.asp CMS/Transmittals – https://www.cms.gov/transmittals/ Office of Civil Rights (OCR)/HIPAA ~ OCR Web Site […]

Problems with your Practice?

  Ever wonder why your medical practice is having problems?  If so, it might be because you don’t know the issues causing the problems or the questions to ask.  Here is a good article on what to do: STRUGGLING PRACTICES      

Defamation Claims by Medical Providers

“That’s defamantion” are not a word you want to hear used around a medical office or a hospital OR suite, but sometimes words slip out that everyone wishes had not been said. This article gives an insight into what might happen in a hospital or medical office setting.  DEFAMATION

Inappropriate Online Physician Behavior

  Inappropriate online behavior by physicians can result not only in state medical board investigation and disciplinary action, but could also lead to peer review and loss of hospital privileges. The following is a short article about a survey conducted by the Federation of State Medical Boards:  PHYSICIAN INAPPROPRIATE ONLINE BEHAVIORS  

New AMA Principles for Physician Employment

The AMA recently adopted some new principles for employment of physicians, which in light of the recent consolidations, mergers and purchases of physician practices, should be read carefully by both physicians and their advisors.  The following should be of interest to most physicians who normally leave the billing and review of billings to their staff, a billing company or […]


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